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What kind of activities, advice and encouragements are given through the application ?

Each of the 936 weekly activities is tailored to the age of your child and is low-cost (or free!). Therefore, whether little one is 6 weeks old or 16 years old, there is an activity that you can do together. For younger children, the focus is primarily on developmental activities such as ones to further develop the senses, speech, counting, etc, which then turn to more of an entertainment source and are more quality-time focused for older children.

The 936 encouragements and advice are there to support you throughout parenthood. We know from experience that times can be difficult; but we want to let parents know that, in the end, it is worth all the sleepless nights, the hundreds of diaper changes and the frustrations.

What if I forget to remove the pearl for a few weeks? What if I don’t remember how many I missed?

Life Pearls’ application keeps count for you! Every time you remove a pearl, simply press the “Pearl Removed” button in the application. It will keep track of the number of pearls to remove when you forget.

I would like to purchase a Life Pearls, but my child is not a newborn… Can I still get one?

Of course! When you enter your unique code in the application, you can create a custom profile for your child. The application will tell you how many pearls to remove if your child is not a newborn. You can then benefit from the activities, advice and encouragements tailored to your child’s age.

What are the pearls made of?

The pearls found in each Life Pearls vase are made of 100% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, and are painted.

Is Life Pearls a toy suitable for a child?

Life Pearls is not a toy. In fact, it is best to keep it away from children under the age of 3, since it may constitute a choking hazard.

What do you do with the withdrawn pearls?

The withdrawn pearls can be used for a great deal of craft projects. Or, you can keep them stored safely, and give them to your child when he or she has a child. For more ideas, click here.

You say you donate 50% of all profits to charity... do you actually? Which charities?

Yes, we do. We donate to charities that we believe make a true difference in the lives of single mothers and orphaned children ⎼ even within our first year of operations. Although we are a new company, we believe in the importance of these organisations, and they have special place in the heart of our business.

We do not have an exclusive agreement with any charity, and thus can choose to donate wherever we deem fit.

Visit for a list of organisations, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the projects.

I am experiencing technical difficulties with the application, what do I do?

The application has been tested and should be problem-free. However, if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please send us a message by clicking here.


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